Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Are you my friend??

On Facebook that is... or Myspace... either one.

Wendy and I were talking today about how Facebook makes us feel like we are back in Jr. High. We went to a relativley small school where everyone pretty much knew who everyone was but might not have necessarily been friends. There are so many people on Facebook that I know but don't necessarily know and I'm thinking, "Well, I'd like to be their friend, but what if they don't like me or worse don't even know who I am?" And then we have the other end of the spectrum... Those people who you thought you knew but haven't asked to be your friend yet. I'm thinking, "Ugh! Why did she ask her to be her friend but hasn't asked me?" And far be it from me to ask them to be my friend. They might not remember me!

See what I'm going through??? I'm sure you're thinking, "I wish I had time to worry about such silly things!" Well, this week I'm in my "eh, I don't care about work" stage. Next week, I won't have time to worry about Facebook anymore!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Not having any children of my own I live vicariously through my friends who have children. I feel like I know Gina and Wendy's kids better than they do sometimes!

I called Wendy's phone today and Hope (second oldest with the greatest socks ever...) answered.

Me: Who is this?

Hope: Hope Fowler.

Me: Do I know you?

Hope: (laughing) Yes you know me aunt Jennifer.

Me: Do I like you?

Hope: (sigh) Yes aunt Jennifer. Do you want to talk to mommy? (I think at this point she was a little put out with me because I interruped her TV watching)

Me: Yes, where is she?

Hope: She's in bed.

Me: Okay, well, will you tell her to call me once she gets up?

Hope: Yes.

Me: Okay, but if you forget I'm not going to buy you a birthday present.

Hope: You never do anyway!

She had me there. I always have the best of intentions but fall short every year of fulfilling my goal of sending cards and money and all that good stuff.

Wendy called me back a few minutes later and I told her that I would have to buy Hope a birthday present now. She informed me that I also had to buy Bethany one because evidentially Hope was bragging about her present that she has not even received yet (and her birthday is in October) and Bethany ran into Wendy's room crying because Hope wouldn't share her present with her.

Ashlyn informed Wendy that I had to buy Bethany a gift as well. No problem. To find out just how cute Bethany (and all the other girls are for that fact) is, check out her blog