Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I voted

I feel like such a grown up everytime I exercise my right as an American... blah, blah, blah... :-)

So, I left work early on Tuesday to cast my ballot. Well, I actually used the electronic thing, not even considering all the icky fingers that had touched it during the hours before me. But luckily the nice lady cleaned it off with a wipy thing for me. Made me feel a little better about it. Who the heck knew there were so many people running for president? Wonder if I had known about any of them if I would have liked them more than the guy I voted for?

There were so many things that I did not have a clue as to what they were on that darned thing! And being relativley new to the area I had no idea who any of the local candidates were, save one guy who was running for mayor. He is a bus boy at The Village Inn, and is supposedly a really good one. But alas, I did not vote for him because he had some crazy sounding name that I can't recall right now. I honestly don't even remember who I voted for... I am a terrible voter.

After that I headed to Blockbuster to rent a movie as I did not want to watch the election coverage all night long. I rented Get Smart in hopes it would take my mind off the craziness of my week. Let me just tell you. I was sorely disappointed. Jeff and I turned it off about half way through and ended up watching the election coverage! And I HEART Steve Carrell! Just was not good...

OH! My best friend Wendy had her fifth daughter today. That's right. I said FIFTH DAUGHTER. Her name is Audrey Shayne. Isn't that the cutest name evah?? I had previously claimed that name for my puppy that Jeff keeps saying he will get me but has yet to follow through on, but I guess I can easily find another one. I will get to meet her this weekend and I can't wait! I'll have to post all kinds of pictures when I get back.

Until then...