Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I got married

Finally. After 32 years of searching, and prayin, and hopin and dreamin... I had the wedding of my dreams that I never knew I wanted. That's so hard to imagine, but there is nothing I would have changed. Well, one thing. I would have made someone pack us a picnic lunch with some of the bazillion finger foods we had left over. I think I had three egg rolls. There was so much yumminess that I didn't get to partake in! Oh, well. It was perfect otherwise :-)

Here's my cake. It was so yummy.

Here's me & Carter, the ring boy. We have more pics of him at our reception than we do of ourselves!!!

And I would LOVE to post more pics, but for some reason the all knowing blogger gods are not allowing me to...

So, in addition to getting married, we just bought our first house! I'm sooo essited!

Ain't it beautiful????